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Zak is mad after he learns his wife has been cheating on him with that bad-boy Frank. And he eagerly accepts, getting between her legs to lick and finger her slit. She was the most beautiful and desirable cheer girl in school and she knows all the guys jerked off their little pricks thinking about her. She pulls him down to the couch and between her spread legs. It didn’t really take much to get him to do what she wanted.

Frank’s wife, Lily, knows what he needs isn’t to fight Frank in the parking lot, but to get some payback. At school he was always a nerd, but now she must admit, he looks very good with a trim body, handsome and confident. From the first time he saw her in high school he always wanted to fuck her, cum all over this school whore. After checking out the outside tent, they will be back at it again with our sexy cheerleader enticing our guy by bending over on the ground and showing off her amazing ass to him.

This time, he doesn’t hesitate or stop at anything. So this pink-haired babe just lifts up her cheerleader dress up, offering him her pussy. But soon enough, he wants some pleasure as well, so he gets her down on her knees to start blowing him. She looks right at home on her knees and sucking dick. Her skirt flips over and he puts his tongue at the moist entrance, eating her out. Her nice and pouty lips wrap around his thick shaft and form an almost airtight seal around it.

And she clearly knows how to do so as well. Her warm and wet mouth feels like actual heaven whenever he enters her, and her tongue licks away at the underside of his shaft whenever he is inside of her nice mouth. The high school slut goes hard and fast right from the get-go. Her lovely and massive tits swing and sway freely in the air showing off her large nipples to the world. His fingers dig into the sexy flesh of her ass, and he fondles her hot body.

All the while, as she’s sucking him off, he is filming every moment of it with her own phone. He eats her out like he is a starving man, and she can’t help but moan out in approval at his actions and skills. She also takes as much of his length inside of her mouth as she possibly can, which is right to the base in this case. She wants him to fuck the shit out of her in all possible positions and destroy all her holes, yes, her asshole as well!

Getting filmed surely turns her on if the sounds she’s making are anything to go by. He pounded into her asshole and she wanted more and more. She has turned into a crazy anal slut since the last time he saw her at school. She uses her hands to wrap his dick securely in the meaty tits and starts pumping him all over again. Once she gets bored of that, she takes the dick out of her mouth and places it in the valley between her large breasts for an amazing titty fuck.