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Reunions are a time to have sex with your old high school friends – Episode 1

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Then he quickly realized she was more interested in his cock. At first he thought she was mad at him for being a creep. She gave him a phenomenal blow. While the naked girl was getting dressed, she noticed him jerking off his cock. He didn’t wait to be told twice and readily thrust his cock into her young cunt. His stepdaughter’s little ass looked perfect as his big cock disappeared into her pussy.

He started fucking very strong and fast. The beautiful naked girl leaned against the wall and invited him to enter her. She felt every inch of his thick cock and begged him not to stop fucking her. She got abnormally horny and wanted to feel his cock in her pussy. He let her catch her breath, then invited her to jump him. When he started slapping her tight ass, she started screaming with pleasure and started cumming on his cock. This sight turned him on so much that he now decided to take the initiative.

He began to quickly fuck her, thrusting into her wet, shaved pussy. Holding onto her slender legs, he let himself thrust against his tool as her natural breasts bounced. By changing the tempo, the guy made the girl experience intense orgasms. The guy felt that he was about to cum and took out his dick and started spraying her on her tits an The cute girl couldn’t take it anymore and started cumming on his cock again. She rode him in a cowgirl pose, making her gorgeous tits bounce up and down.

Recently my stepsister Macy turned eighteen and I noticed that she started masturbating a lot. I have never seen her naked, but I heard her moaning. She was humping her pillow, grinding her clit against it and caressing her titties with both hands. One day I came home and stumbled on her masturbating. She spread her legs wide and began rubbing her pussy right in front of me. Naturally, I took my big cock out of my pants and joined the jerk fest.

She was initially shy and embarrassed, but when she realized who it was, she was okay with it. She began to slowly stroke it. Staring at my hard cock she jerked it off with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Macy worked herself to an orgasm in only a few minutes. Her legs were shaking, her clit was throbbing and her juices were leaking out of her pussy in a steady stream.